Helpers, Drivers, Amin Assistants, Cashier, Chef/Work, Yoga and Fitness Instructor, Fine Arts Instructor, Dance Instructor, Music Instructor, Sports Instructor, Accountant, School Nurse, School Counselor, Teachers/Facilitators

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Chaitanya Pathshala


Chaitanya Pathshala is a unique school that aims to provide modern 21st-century skills-based education with “learning by doing” adapted teaching methods.
We call all dedicated education facilitators with a heart for shaping bright minds! Apply now and embark on a fulfilling career where your passion for teaching meets competitive rewards! Together, let’s shape the future of education and make every lesson count.


Preprimary Teachers/Facilitators (Grade Teaching)

No.: 12
Qualification: 12th (intermediate) passed & Montessori/ECD Trained (preferred bachelor’s degree)

Preprimary Teachers Assistant

No.: 4
Qualification: 12th (intermediate) passed

Teachers/Facilitators (Grade Teaching) for Primary level (Math, Science, English Preferred)

No.: 12
Qualification: Bachelor’s passed

Teachers/Facilitators for Middle School (Mathematics, Science, Nepali (Shastri preferred), Social Studies, Computer)

No.: 6
Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in relevant subjects

High School Teachers/Facilitators

(English, Nepali (Acharya preferred), Mathematics, Chemistry, Account, Economics, Finances, Hotel Management, Computer Science, Law (LLB), Business Studies, Zoology, Botany)
No.: 15
Qualification: Master’s Degree in second division or higher.

School Counselor

No.: 1
Qualification: Bachelor’s degree, having training in Counselling

School Nurse

No.: 1
Qualification: Staff Nurse or Experienced ANM


No.: 1
Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in management with ample experience

Sports Teacher

No.: 1
Qualification: Bachelor’s degree with ample experience in sports instruction

Music Instructor

No.: 1
Qualification: Bachelor’s degree with musical course/training

Dance Instructor

No.: 1
Qualification: Bachelor’s degree with choreography course/training

Fine Arts Instructor

No.: 1
Qualification: Bachelor’s degree with course/training in fine arts

Yoga and Fitness Instructor

No.: 1
Qualification: Bachelor’s degree with Yoga trained and experienced


No.: 2
Qualification: 12 (intermediate) or equivalent with culinary arts course training and ample experiences


No.: 2
Qualification: 12th (intermediate) passed and experienced

Amin Assistants

No.: 6
Qualification: 12 (intermediate) passed with professional English language skills

Security Guard

No.: 2
Qualification: Retired army/retired Police


No.: 7
Qualification: Licensed with driving experiences

Helpers (Bus, Kitchen, Classroom and other facilities)

No.: 12
Qualification: Able to read and write Nepali

We value equally all sexes and races.

All the above academic posts and the posts linked directly to academic and coauricular activities require sound written and verbal English and Nepali language. Salaries are attractive with social security deposits after the successful completion of a one-year probation period. Two complimentary meals are provided.

Process of recruitment:
A written and oral test will be taken on the given date. In addition, a classroom presentation will be observed for academic posts and the counselor. The school will provide a mandatory short workshop (2-3 days) free of cost for aspirants (registration required) before any screening procedures. Applicants will be informed about the written test date by phone or email provided during the application process.

How to Apply

Please apply with a Letter of interest, a descriptive CV showing skills, and a summary of your accomplishments in the past, mentioning the post applied in the following email address.,
Phone: 9857851131/9857851132.
Last date of application: Falgun 20, 2080

Join our close-knit family of passionate educators on a journey filled with purpose and impact.

  • We value YOU: Your expertise is the heartbeat of our community. Be rewarded with a competitive salary that acknowledges your unwavering dedication to the art of education.
  • Dive into the Future of Teaching: Immerse yourself in a state-of-the-art teaching platform designed to empower you with cutting-edge tools and resources. Stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of education and watch your teaching methods flourish!
  • Grow with Us: Elevate your skills through continuous professional development opportunities. We’re not just invested in your career; we’re committed to ensuring you’re always at the forefront of educational best practices.
  • Leave Your Mark: Become a beacon of inspiration for the next generation. Your role isn’t just a job; it’s an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of your students. Join us in cultivating a positive and nurturing learning environment.
  • Connect and Thrive: Embrace the diversity of thought in our vibrant community of educators. Here, collaboration and diversity aren’t just encouraged, they’re celebrated. Connect with like-minded professionals and enrich your teaching journey.

Chaitanya Pathashala
Rapti Upatyaka, Mourighat
Dang (Rapti Gau Palika-3)
Phone: 9857851132, 9857851132

Source: Naya Yougbodh National Daily, 28 January 2024

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