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Senior Surveillance Specialist (453 views)

September 16, 2020


Organization: FHI 360 Nepal

Position: Senior Surveillance Specialist

Job Location: Kathmandu

The Senior Surveillance Specialist , FFCGN#2 will be responsible for oversight of activities related to strengthening the capacity and systems for AMR/AMU surveillance in humans, animals, and food and environment sectors, and manage the country grant program data including recording, reporting, analysis, visualization and use. This position will provide technical leadership in design, planning, implementation, monitoring, data analysis, data visualization, dashboard and report preparation and sharing of AMR/AMU/AMC surveillance in humans, animals, food, and environment sectors This position is based in Kathmandu with frequent field visits (30 percent or more) in different parts of Nepal.

Key Responsibilities:

• Provide technical leadership in design, planning, implementation, monitoring, data analysis, data visualization, dashboard and report preparation and sharing of AMR/AMU surveillance in humans, animals, food and environment sectors.
• Provide technical assistance for designing, planning, implementing, monitoring and report preparation of active AMR surveillance in animal health sector, AMU survey in human and animal health sector and AMC survey.
• Provide technical assistance to prepare and submit AMR/AMU-related data and report as per the national, regional and global standard and requirements including annual report to Global Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System (GLASS) and World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).
• Provide technical assistance to National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL), Central Veterinary Laboratory (CVL) and AMR/AMU surveillance sites to collect, refine, analyze, visualize and use of the AMR/AMU surveillance data.
• Share the findings including AMR/AMU trends to AMRMSC, National Technical Working Committee (NTWC), and AMR/AMU technical working group (TWG) quarterly and annually.
• Lead, coordinate and support to design, develop, and conduct surveillance- related training and workshops at the national and surveillance sites level.
• Provide technical support and guidance to the project team on surveillance-related activities.
• Perform other related duties as assigned by Project Director, and/or Country Representative.

Minimum Requirements:

• Master’s degree in Public Health or other relevant subjects and three years’ experience or a Bachelor’s degree in public health or other relevant subjects and five years’ experience in managing and conducting epidemiological and/or social science research and surveillance in public health.
• Experience in standard epidemiological and statistical methods/tools in research and with quantitative and qualitative research method, surveillance.
• Knowledge and experience of AMR/AMU and disease surveillance and other relevant health programs.
• Proficient in statistical software packages (SAS/Stata/SPSS) and WHONET and other bridging software.
• Experience in translating wide range of data set into easily accessible and useful information that supports program objective, for example through maps, dashboard and visualization tools.
• Strong negotiation, coordination, communication and interpersonal skills.
• Sensitivity to cultural differences and understanding of the ethical issues surrounding research and surveillance.

Last date to apply: September 30, 2020 .


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