Road Side Assistance and Orientation/Technical and Admin

Nebula Mobility Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu


Position: Road Side Assistance and Orientation/Technical and Admin

Job Objective Summary
Orientation on Product and Service, Assessment of riding skill, documentation and record/report.

Job Purpose

  • Road Side Assistance (RSA) position is to assist and guide riders on functions of scooter, battery, procedures as to handle the battery, swap the battery, assess the riding skill of scooter rider, documentation, record keeping, delivery of scooter, battery and other accessories and receipt of the same upon return and also assist in issue at road side (solving the problem).
  • Reporting on any incidents, issues with the functioning of products and grievance handling of riders/users.
  • MIS and Data history maintenance for further reporting to higher authority including Gogoro for any improvement etc.

Key Responsibilities
Primary Responsibilities:

  • Receipt and delivery of goods at godown (Bafal).
  • Maintaining good condition of inventory at godown at Bafal and their record keeping.
  • Store Keeping including inventory maintenance and sharing need for reorder and fresh order.
  • Products and service orientation to rider (product/service orientation).
  • Likely issues and their addressal in all the products, scooter, battery and swap stations
  • Sharing basics of dos and donts of Network, scooter and battery.
  • Road side assistance to the riders who faces problem, either through guiding over the phone or through visit as appropriate.
  • Incident recording, maintenance of record, history and sharing the same with concerned person in HO for onward action, along with a suggestion for solution.
  • Application processing once approved application is received for delivery of scooter/spare-parts.
  • Record keeping of what has to be handed over and what has been received from each person including taking care of such physical assets.
  • Inspection/checking mechanical and physical condition of assets (scooters/battery/Swap-Stations) and reporting on the observation.
  • Retaining (seizing) or initiating the process of retaining assets (Scooter/battery) from rider if the same is found not in good condition and chance of further worsening of the asset.
  • Service Delivery and network pressure assessment and assisting in deployment of swap stations accordingly.
  • Assessing rider’s riding quality and taking decision either to handover of the scooter to rider or not to handover if quality of rider is not assessed good.
  • Taking up with matters for discussion and finalization with concerned units/individuals including Banks, PE firms and financing agencies.
  • Any other as per need since the position being the senior level position of the team.
  • Feedback to all concerned on likely impact and any other pertinent development related to the business.
  • Support to all staff as and when required and possible on overall running of the business.

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Network experience observation and feedback, and support to network manager.
  • Customer engagement, service quality review and its enhancement.
  • Overall Management as per the need.
  • Any other as per the requirement.

Key Skills and Experience Required

  • Salesmanship.
  • Communication.
  • Articulation and vivid explanatory.
  • Product/service knowledge and periodic update in the EV segment, vehicle/mobility segment, battery segment etc.
  • Public Relation and Networking.
  • People and Business Management.
  • Battery (EV) operation Modality of vehicle, particularly that of two wheelers/scooters.
  • Battery run business, battery and vehicle business idea.
  • Knowledge of Excel, PPT and MSWord.

Must demonstrate the following values in line with Group values:

  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Purpose-driven
  • Willingness to contribute more time and effort when situation demands the same

Key Qualifications Required

  • BE (mechanical), BI.


  • Approval of handover of scooter to rider or not assessing the riding quality.
  • Any other as per the need/requirement.


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