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Department/Project/PN : Central Team
Workstation : Kathmandu
Incumbent’s Name : TBD
Supervisor/Principal Evaluator : Head Driver/ Warehouse and Logistics Associate


The Incumbent should be responsible for supporting day-to-day transportation of staff, goods and other
logistics at the Office. The Incumbent is responsible for proper maintenance of vehicles in a neat, clean and road
worthy state always. In case of any defects in the vehicles and road accidents, incumbent should immediately
report to the supervisor. The incumbent should support supervisor in different work and should follow the
directions of supervisor promptly.
The employee shall fully comply with CARE policies and procedure and should be accountable for it.


R1. Deliver and receive the employees, guests, and other personalities.

  •  Deliver and/or receive staff to and from airport, government, and other offices as per need.
  • Deliver and/or receive guests to and from airport, hotels, and other places as per need.
  • Deliver and/or receive employees participating in seminars and meetings to respective places and even
    to home as per need.
  • During field visits of the project, deliver and/or receive employees and drive to any other places as per
    their need.
  • Do not board unnecessary personals in the project’s vehicle except in emergency situations like
    disasters and accidents in which injured persons should be taken to the nearest health center as per
    need. Fill-up necessary forms in these situations.R2. Transport documents and office supplies.
  • To deliver and/or receive supplies and equipment to and from the airport.
  • To deliver and/or receive regular letters and other documents in the relevant place as per need.
  • To deliver and/or receive employees related to banks, tax, employee provident fund and citizen
    investment trust offices to respective places.

R3. Support in Administrative duties.

  •  Urgently inform supervisor about information related to any incidents and security issues.
  •  Timely payment of taxes and renew of all blue books of office vehicles.
  • To coordinate and support transportation management of the office.
  • To report supervisor about petroleum level in generator and its performance.
  • Regular fill-up of incumbent’s PAR, overtime sheet and vehicles’ log book.
  • Fill-up APAA.

R4. Support supervisor for timely inspection and maintenance of vehicle

  •  Inspect oil level, water level and air pressure of tires of the vehicles and perform timely maintenance or
    make sure the maintenance is done.
  •  In case of any malfunctions in the vehicles report to the supervisor and help in maintenance.
  • Keep Tools and First Aid Kit Box package in ready-to-use state. Recheck date and quantity of medicines
    inside the kit and report to supervisor if their replacement is needed.
  • Timely servicing of the vehicles.

R5. Adherence to policy and rules

  • Adherence to CARE Nepal’s Vehicle Policies and Guidelines.
  • To work as per government rules and in case of accident, immediately report to the supervisor and
    submit detailed report to the concerned authority.
  •  Help to take necessary actions at the time of accident.
  • Proper knowledge and adherence to safety policies.

R6. Upholding CARE’s Core values and ensuring its principles: (10%)

  •  Link and demonstrate CARE Nepal’s core values, programming principles, strategic objectives, gender
    equity and equality in programming and behavior.
  • Comply and exercise organizational values and culture.
  •  Help to promote rights, good governance, and accountability.
  • Act for the sustainable implementation of activities and ensure scale up of proven interventions.
  •  Demonstrate positive behaviors following CARE code of conduct and uphold implementation of CARE
    Safeguarding policy at all levels.
  • Conduct awareness raising on CARE Safeguarding policy, feedback and accountability channels and code
    of conduct.
  • Safety and Security is everyone’s responsibility within CI through full compliance and accountability (as
    per Principle –ii of the CARE International Safety & Security Principles.

R7. Support supervisor in office works as per need

  •  Coordinate with supervisor for proper operation and maintenance of office vehicles. While travelling to
    the project area, compulsorily inform supervisor upon arrival at the destination.
  • The driver has to provide additional services other than mentioned above. According to the nature of the
    work, the driver has to fulfill responsibilities at any given time and place as per need including outside of
    office hours and should provide necessary help in warehouse management. This works will be adjusted
    in performance appraisal.


Qualifications and Experience:

  • Education: Should be able to read and write general English and Nepali.
  •  SLC level certificate is preferred.
  • Should have updated driver’s license.
  •  Should have minimum experience of 2 years in driving.
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