Consultant – Head of Sales

Being Base Pvt. Ltd.


About the Company:
Being Base Pvt. Ltd. is a company specializing in Import, Trading, Sales, Marketing and Distribution Sales of FMCG products. We provide our Sales and distribution network to help Top and Quality International as well as Domestic brands connect to the end consumers. The company aims to create world class Sales and Distribution Company with a professional outlook in Nepal. The present product and pipelined product category include Home Care, Personal Care and Food Products like Furandana, Spices.
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About the Business:
The company has multiple warehouses across Nepal. Each warehouse has sales representative team, accounts department, driver, dispatch team and a warehouse manager. The Head office has central accounts, HR, Sales & marketing team, MIS, administration team.

Designation: Consultant – Head of Sales – Part Time

Reporting to: CEO

Employment Type: Part-Time Consultant

Experience: The Ideal candidate is more than 45+ Years of Age with significant experience in sales and marketing and strong capability in Product, Salesman, Sales, Marketing Management.

Time Involvement: Part- Time. Further, consultant can pursue another job/consultancy when not working with us.

Qualification: Bachelor Degree or Master Degree

Job Location: Kupondole, Kathmandu


  • To develop capability of Salesperson and their Skill enhancement.
  • The company has a team of 20 Salesperson with expansion plan up to 50 Salesperson

Salary and Benefits:

  • Salary: This role does not have fixed monthly salary.
  • Commission or Incentive: Fixed Monthly or Annual Commission shall be paid based upon the percentage sales done by the salesman.

Who Should not apply:

  • You should not apply for this position if you will not survive without fixed monthly salary. You should also not apply if you will not be able to meet your personal and family’s daily needs without fixed monthly salary.
  • You believe in short term benefits rather than long term benefits and wealth creation

To Apply:

  • Employment application must consist cover letter clearly mentioning how will you add value in the system, your personal motivation for this employment and your expectation from the company. Without cover letter your application will not shortlisted.
  • Please fill the employment application form

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