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Butwal and Dharan
June 12, 2020


Organization: The Gurkha Welfare Trust Nepal

The Gurkha Welfare Trust Nepal is the field arm of Gurkha Welfare Trust UK, a registered Charitable Trust working particularly for the ex-Gurkha Veterans and their communities across Nepal. We invite applications from all interested and qualified medical Nurses for the position of Medical Center Nurses to work from our branch offices Butwal and Dharan

Position: Medical Centre Nurse

Location : NEPAL

Legal Entity : Gurkha Welfare Trust

Reports Functionally To : Clinical Practice Manager and AWC Doctor

Reports Administratively To : Medical Centre Clinical Practice Manager

Works Closely with : All Medical Centre Doctors, other Nurses, Medical Centre Assistant, Phlebotomist, MHPs, Cleaning staff, Pharmacist, Welfare staff

Direct Reports : n/a

A. Overall Purpose of the Job (Brief description of the primary purpose of this position)

Ensure the delivery of competent and professional primary health care service, in collaboration with other AWC clinical staff. Work with the Clients to ensure their needs and perceptions are met and that GWT is delivering the expected and agreed level of service.

B. Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities (Critical responsibilities and skills of this position, listed in order of importance)


• Provide high quality primary care nursing services at GWT Medical, including, but not limited to: simple procedures, dressings, ECGs, spirometry, phlebotomy, chronic disease clinics, patient education
• Ensure medical Centers are kept to an operational standard of professional excellence.
• Ensure your own practice is in line with Global industry Best Practice and GWT standards and guidance.
• Maintain and daily check of medical equipment and maintain oxygen supplies and liaise with CPMs in case of any problems.
• Maintain emergency crash cart and emergency drugs and liaise with pharmacist for refills.
• Assessment and immediate treatment of patients.
• Liaison with most appropriate available local medical personnel for support and resources, if required.
• Ensuring accurate clinical and operational information is recorded.
• Notify the Clinical Practice manager immediately of any problems which may jeopardize site relationships or evoke client complaint in accordance with GWT procedures.
• Ensure appropriate referral of cases to other health professionals
• Keep a detailed and factual medical record of all cases seen including diagnosis, treatment given and final disposition, and applying appropriate confidentiality to the record

1. General Responsibilities

1.1 Clinical Practice in line with qualification and training.
1.2 Apply GWT Standard Instructions, policies and procedures.
1.3 Provide support to GWT Site Medical Management team in all facets of duty. (E.g. Audits, Continuing Medical Education or specific programs)
1.4 Teamwork and active participation in appropriate initiatives to improve staff morale and ensure the maintenance of a positive work environment.
1.5 Ensure job related administration duties are completed in a timely manner.
1.6 In collaboration with other team members, ensure that the medical centre work environment remains client focused.

Specific Responsibilities

1. Clinical Services

Ensure clinic facilities and services are maintained at the highest level of operational standards.
Maintain highest possible standards of clinical practice within the GWT Medical Centre
Perform Clinical procedures and investigations as directed by AWC centre doctors, maintaining high standard patient centered care. Conduct regular on Chronic Disease Management (CDM) sessions as per GWT(N) guidelines in coordination with AWC Dr and CPMs.
Ensure standards of practice and service delivery as laid down by local regulations and the International Standards of Practice are maintained, and that documentation of same is up to date
Ensure that Universal Precautions are followed at all times.
Actively participate in the Continuous Quality Improvement program
Maintain and improve all clinic programs
Ensure that all waste is managed in accordance with local Regulations and GWT standards
Follow-up of patient test results and communicate with doctors or patients as appropriate
Act as a chaperone as required during consultations by other health providers
Serve as liaisons between doctors, care providers, patients, and patient representatives
Actively participates in quality control program such as infection control, management of sharps within the clinic.

2. Customer Service 

Promote a high standard of customer satisfaction by further developing a culture of customer service amongst staff

Ensure quality control & improvement in all aspects of customer service & patient care.
Ensure a clinic patient data base is maintained in an accurate & timely manner & that such data is utilized in the promotion of customer service programs.
Assist the Clinical Practice Manager in all aspects of patient feedback through surveys, feedback mechanisms, complaint, suggestion & compliment handling
A professional, friendly, tactful attitude and behavior to all
A customer service commitment at all times
Effective communication skills.
Professional teamwork with other members of staff.
A positive attitude.

3. Financial Management

Assist Clinical Practice Manager with regular stock counts, the ordering processes and timelines for maintaining stock levels within the medical facility in line with GWT procurement procedures and processes.

Daily, weekly and monthly inventory control checks as directed by Clinical Practice Manager.
Maintain sound management of all drugs & disposables and equipment used in the medical Centre.
Assist GWT Practice Manager with the equipment maintenance program.

4. Legal Requirements

Ensure that patient care is carried out in accordance with local Regulations and Legislation.
Maintain responsibility for any pharmacy that is held in the clinic area to ensure security in accordance with local control and legislation
Maintain professional registration / license with Nepal Nursing Council as required by Nepali law.

5. Management of Medical Centre

Assist with Maintaining the facility in a clean and tidy state of readiness at all times.
Ensure that all medical equipment is in working order and properly maintained.
Monitor inventory of medications and other supplies to ensure continuous availability of medications, disposable items and equipment at level agreed by Clinic Management.
Maintain and store all documentation and records related to the provision of medical services of medications used or dispensed and of consumable items used, including patient records.
Work with pharmacy staff to maintain a controlled drug register in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
Assist clinical practice manager with preparing orders of medical supplies
Complete all daily check lists accurately where applicable.
Ensure that first aid equipment is maintained and checked on a regular basis.
Supervise cleaning staff and coordinate maintenance activities when needed

6. Training

Undertake responsibility for own professional development
On instruction and under supervision assist to conduct basic and regular first aid training or refreshers for designated non – medical personnel, including CPR, to ensure their knowledge and skills are maintained at an appropriate level.

Participate in the overall development of personal education/skill level by attending training, seminars and lectures

7. Environmental Health

Ensure appropriate disposal of clinical waste in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
Assist CPM in timely Hazard Identification and take appropriate measures to mitigate.

8. Information and Counseling, Health Education and Health Promotion

Participate in GWT’s information campaigns on the subjects of personal protective equipment, healthy lifestyle, and personal precautions for the prevention of transmissible diseases through briefings, collaboration in newsletters.
Advise patients on general matters relevant to their health and well-being.
Present information to the clients on healthy lifestyle (alcohol, drugs, smoking, diet, weight control, exercise, etc.) or other health-related topics (blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease, communicable diseases, etc.).

9. Immunization/ Chemoprophylaxis Programme

In conjunction with onsite medical management and GWT standards, ensure that appropriate immunization/ chemoprophylaxis recommendations are understood and implemented as required (e.g. immunization for Hepatitis B, Influenza, PEP etc.)

10. Participation in Disaster Planning

Understand your role in site emergency response and disaster plans.

Ensure that you are familiar with the area allocated for triage and multiple casualties

Ensure that critical medical supplies and equipment are pre-packed and available for emergency use at dispersed sites or during patient transport.
Participate in simulation exercises organized by management.

11. Administration

Ensure that GWT Standing Instructions are complied with.
Ensure an effective and organized delivery of medical services through a self-audit program.

Secure and protect confidential information.
Track and report data on clinic utilization.

12. Reports, documentation & communication

Ensuring that daily, Weekly, Monthly / Handover reports as requested are accurately completed and delivered.
Report on actual areas of concern to relevant managers.
Ensuring that all patient reports are accurately completed.
Ensuring that the times are filled in correctly.
Ensuring patient confidentiality.
Ensuring all documents are completed according to policy.

13. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

Assist Clinical Practice Manager to ensure that the centre is operated to set criteria and set standards.
Ensure that all Policies, Procedures and standing instructions are maintained and adhered to
Partake in the medical Centre CQI program
Actively participates in quality control program such as infection control, management of sharps within the clinic, risk assessment etc.

14. Additional Duties

To work within, promote and ensure compliance with GWT policies, practices, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and corporate values.
Performing other tasks allocated by the GWT clinical practice manager as might be required within the scope of the Services;

C. Job Profile

Mandatory Skills and Knowledge (Brief description of technical knowledge or skills needed to perform the job)

• Working knowledge and application of Nepal Country legislation governing medical /nursing practice
• Computer literate (Excel, Word, PowerPoint as a minimum)
• Highly developed interpersonal skills
• Good communication skills
• Client/patient focus
• Cultural Sensitivity
• Collaborative Team player

Required Competencies (Critical behaviors necessary to successfully perform the job)

• Qualified Nurse with appropriate work experience

• Ability to use the online Information Management Systems

Mandatory Work Experience (Brief description of the job-related experience needed to perform the job)

• Minimum 2 years relevant work experience

• Hospital or Community work experience within the last six months.

• Prior Experience working with international companies or NGO’s will be an advantage Mandatory Qualifications (Brief description of the educational background needed to perform the job)

• Minimum PCL Nursing, Bachelor degree will be preferred
• A current unrestricted registration with the Nepal Nursing Council Mandatory Languages (Brief description of the language skills needed to perform the job)

• English – good spoken and written level

• Nepali – native speaker level Travel / Rotation Requirements (Brief description of any travel or rotation requirements)

• National travel as required This job description outlines the types of responsibilities the incumbent is required to perform. The incumbent may be required to perform job related tasks other than those specifically presented in this job description. This job description is subject to regular review.

Last date to apply: 1 July 2020

For further information on eligibility requirement, facilities, and to apply for the post, please log on to then follow the link.


Applications received through other means will not be entertained

The Gurkha Welfare Trust Nepal

British Gurkhas Pokhara

Tallo Deep-16, Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal

The Gurkha Welfare Trust Nepal is equal opportunity Employer and invites application from all

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