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Job in UNDP – National Project Manager (2198 views)

September 20, 2019


Organization: UNDP

Position: National Project Manager

Location : Kathmandu (with frequent visits to field), NEPAL

Additional Category : Democratic Governance and Peacebuilding

Type of Contract : Other

Post Level : Other

Languages Required : English

Starting Date : (date when the selected candidate is expected to start) 01-Dec-2019

Duration of Initial Contract : One Year


UNDP Nepal is working with the Ministry of Law and Justice and Parliamentary Affairs (MOLJPA), Office of Attorney General (OAG), Nepal Bar Association (NBA) other government agencies and civil society organizations to enhance access to justice through Institutional Reform Project, 2018-2020 (the A2J Project). The A2J Project builds on the achievements of the Strengthening the Rule of Law and Human Rights protection system in Nepal Programme (2013-2017) and continues to focus on the reform of the legal aid system, supporting national efforts in implementation of constitutional provisions on fundamental rights through legislative reform, implementation of the newly adopted criminal and civil legislations, and in particular on enhancing the access to justice at the local level.

To enable women and vulnerable groups to access justice, the A2J Project supports the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs to lead reforms in the legal aid system in Nepal towards the implementation of the Integrated Legal Aid System which aims to coordinate and regulate accessible socio and legal aid service provision throughout Nepal. By further enabling women and vulnerable groups to enjoy their right to legal aid services.

The A2J Project works to enhance capacity of Judicial Committees established at the local government level as an effective mechanism of justice delivery for local community, with the aim to promote the access to justice of women, poor and vulnerable and to facilitate their easier access to justice and approach to legal remedies.

The A2J Project continues engaging in the reform of the criminal and civil justice systems by providing necessary support for the execution of the Costed Action Plan for the implementation of the newly adopted codes. Developing guidelines on implementation of codes and providing specialized trainings to judges, prosecutors, police officers, lawyers and other justice sector officials will be a focus of the Project.

The A2J Project provides professional opportunities to women and vulnerable categories of people through its scholarship and internship programs. Linkage of these programmes and support to Judicial Committees and Legal Aid system will help to establish and institutionalize the pro-bono culture in delivery of legal services in Nepal. The A2J Project also works to make justice system effective for inclusive economic development through tailored trainings to the concerned stakeholders on conciliation / arbitration / mediation on complex commercial and foreign investment-related disputes.

The National Project who will be work under the guidance and supervision of the National Project Director (NPD), will assist the NPD to plan, implement, monitor and report on programme activities carried out under the Project. The incumbent is expected to spend a significant proportion of time in implementing the annual work plan approved by the board meeting in a timely and qualitative fashion. S/he should also be responsible to establish and maintain coordination with the concerned implementing and responsible partner(s) for effective implementation of the Project activities and the timely achievement of its objectives. The incumbent will not only establish and operate on-going activities and initiatives at federal, province and local government level, but will coordinate field visits from development partners, implementing and responsible partners and UN officials and will generally be responsible for ensuring that local-level initiatives and activities are communicated to central level actors, both at UNDP and within the Government.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direct supervision of National Project Director (NPD) and Executive of the Project Board, the NPM will;
• Assume overall management and administration including budgeting and planning in accordance with the A2J Project document;
• Prepare and update project annual/quarterly work plans in consultation with implementing partner (Ministry of Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs), responsible parties i.e. Office of the Attorney General, Nepal Bar Association and UNDP Nepal;
• Ensure the timely and efficient delivery of project outputs and products leading to the achievement of expected results;
• Plan the activities of the project and monitor progress against the approved work-plan;
• Mobilize personnel, goods and services, training and micro-capital grants to initiated activities, including drafting terms of reference and work specifications and overseeing all contractors’ work;
• Monitor events as determined in the project monitoring schedule plan, and update the plan as required;
• Manage requests for the provision of financial resources by UNDP, through advance of funds, direct payments, or reimbursement using the FACE (Fund Authorization and Certificate of Expenditures);
• Monitor financial resources and accounting to ensure accuracy and reliability of financial reports;
• Be responsible for preparing and submitting financial reports to UNDP on a quarterly basis;
• Manage and monitor the project risks initially identified and submit new risks to the project board for consideration and decision on possible actions if required; update the status of these risks by maintaining the project risks log;
• Perform regular progress reporting to the project board as agreed at the board meeting; Prepare the annual review report, and submit the report to the project executive board;
• Prepare the annual work plan for the following year, as well as quarterly plans if required;
• Be responsible for the implementation of the project work plan according to indicators for achieving planned results, as well as for the overall management of the project in accordance with prevailing rules, regulations and procedures for NIM project;
• Coordinate and liaise with UNDP and relevant stakeholders (Government, justice sector institutions, legal aid institutions, CSOs and FDevelopment Partners) with respect to the implementation of the project activities;
• Liaise with the national counterparts, donors and UNDP office to ensure that the project results are achieved and project resources are managed efficiently and effectively;
• Manage project life cycle in accordance with the UN principles and values i.e. Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA);
• Assume direct responsibility for managing the Project budget on behalf of the project executive board ensuring that
i) Project funds are made available when needed and disbursed properly;
ii) accounting records and supporting documents are kept;
iii) required financial reports are prepared and submitted to UNDP;
iv) financial operation of the project are transparent;
v) periodic financial audit take place;
vi) financial procedures and regulations applied for NEX Project;
vii) facilitate the annual audit exercises and prepare audit action plan for timely implementation of audit recommendations.
• In consultation with National Project Director, Output leaders and Access to Justice Specialist, prepare and consolidate the overall budget, monitor expenditures in accordance with UNDP financial rules and cost-recovery policies and implement adequate internal control;
• Oversee all the recruitment and procurement of the project as per approved Human Resource and Procurement plans;
• Supervise the subcontractors to ensure the delivery of quality work;
• Ensure the creation of a knowledge management system including collection of lessons learned and best practices;
• Ensure that all activities carried out under the project are compliant with international human rights standards, are human rights friendly, non-discriminatory and promote social inclusion and gender equality;
• Ensure high quality information and visibility of the project activities to the mass media and stakeholders; and
• Perform any other duties concerned directly with the implementation of the project as required by the management.

Narration of Key Deliverables:

• National Legal Aid System strengthened by putting laws, policy and strategies in place with sufficient consideration on GESI aspect;
• Capacity of Judicial Committees at the Local Level to deliver justice enhanced;
• National capacity for drafting and implementation of laws strengthened meeting federal context and GESI aspect;
• Justice sector strengthened for inclusive economic development;
• Timely board meeting held;
• Draft annual and donors’ reports prepared;
• Timely and quality inputs on the quarterly work plans and reports;
• Timely and quality of project delivery (around 98%) in line with budget and workplans, and fully in line with operational rules and regulations namely NIM;
• Timely and quality monitoring of the project by having regular field visit and monitoring;
• Relations with partners and stakeholders by having frequent meetings and good communications;
• Quality reports and timely submission of the periodic reports (quarterly, bi-annually and annually and PCR);
• While meeting all above-mentioned deliverables, must ensure adequate GESI consideration and create GESI friendly working environment.


a) Professionalism

• Comprehensive knowledge of project management, planning and monitoring. An exposure to a wide range of human rights and humanitarian issues; conceptual and strategic analytical capacity;
• Ability to analyse and articulate the human rights and humanitarian dimension of complex issues;
• Demonstrated problem-solving skills and ability to use sound judgment in applying technical expertise to resolve a wide range of complex issues/problems;
• Ability to work under extreme pressure; very good knowledge of institutional mandates, policies and guidelines pertaining to human rights and humanitarian affairs.

b) Commitment to Continuous Learning – Willingness to keep abreast of new developments in the field.

c) Communications – Excellent communication (spoken and written) skills, including the ability to convey the message to counterpart at all level.

d) Planning & Organizing – Ability to plan the work, meet tight deadlines and handle multiple concurrent projects / activities.

e) Technology Awareness – Fully proficient in the use of computer and relevant software applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Vision, Email and Internet, etc.

f) Teamwork – Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to establish and maintain effective partnerships and working relations in a large organisation comprised of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment.

Required Skills and Experience

a) Education:

• Master’s degree in Law, Management, Social Sciences or other relevant field.

b) Experience:

• At least ten years relevant experience in managing projects preferably in the government or international institutions.
• Work experience with projects in National or International organizations, strong management skills including ability to provide strategic guidance, technical oversight, mentor staffs, develop work plans and manage budget and project expenditures.
• Proven ability to produce analytical reports with quantitative data analysis.
• Extensive experience in managing multidisciplinary team.
• Familiarity with UNDP programme, rules and procedures are highly desirable.
• Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel etc.) and advance knowledge of spread sheet and database packages, experience in handling of web-based management systems.

c) Language:

• Fluency in oral and written English is essential.
• Native command of Nepalese.

d) Required skills:

• Excellent communication and advocacy skills.
• Proven ability to conceptualize, develop, plan and manage human rights interventions as well as transfer of knowledge and skills.
• Good interpersonal skills with experience of networking with partners at all level and knowledge of technology and usages of computer applications.
• Good understanding of national and international human rights mechanisms.
• Ability to establish priorities and to plan, coordinate and lead work of others, ability to make timely decisions.
• Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, and age sensitivity and adaptability and capacity to work effectively in the multicultural environment.
• Ability to coach, mentor, motivate and develop staff and encourage good performance.
• In-depth knowledge of results-based planning, monitoring, reporting, evaluation & programme management.
• Willingness to undertake regular travel to pilot districts, build partnerships with local actors, monitor Project activities and report back to central level programme officials with concise analysis and advice.

Last date to apply: 4 October 2019


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