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Company: Shikhar Organization Limited

Since the inception, Shikhar Organization has been catering to the needs of start-up of business and new entrepreneurs as well as helping all class, society in building their nests and solve the economic problem, uplifting the lives of people associated. Established under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Kedar Nath Sharma, the vision of this organization has always been to form the stable and dependable entity for the entire community. The management is profoundly committed to performing its duties honestly and with due integrity by abiding with the Law of Land and terms and Policies of Government. It functions within the frame work guided by the articles of the association and employee regulations. Led by Mr. Kedar Nath Sharma (Founder), members of Board of Directors, Dedicated and helpful staffs are amongst the contributor of our organization for formation of strong management and functioning of Shikhar Organization

Position: IT Assistant

Number of Vacancies: 1

Job Location: Kathmandu

Job Specification

Education Level : Intermediate

Experience Required : More than 1 year

Professional Skill Required : Technical Support Networking Hardware Maintenance & Installation Software Installation

Job Description

Successful IT assistants are results-oriented individuals who love to tackle tough problems and find creative solutions. They are as comfortable interacting with people as they are with installing a computer network, and they excel at applying their skills to unfamiliar issues. In addition to these general personality traits and attributes, employers are looking for IT assistants with the following skills and qualifications:

• Computer network skills – it is essential that IT assistants have extensive knowledge of the inner workings of computer networks, as well as how to operate and repair them

• Peripheral skills – because they’ll be installing and repairing a number of peripherals, it’s important that IT assistants be able to analyze and work with peripherals they may have never encountered before

• Attention to detail – since they’ll be keeping detailed records and working with highly complex networks, IT assistants must have excellent attention to detail

• Communication skills – IT assistants will be required to work with colleagues and customers on a daily basis, thus, they have to have well-developed written and verbal communication skills

In order to accomplish their daily goals, IT assistants use a variety of tools. IT assistants should be familiar with the following:

• Recent versions of Microsoft Office software suite – programs in Microsoft Office, such as Excel and Word, will come in handy to IT assistants

• Computer network hardware and software – besides installing and configuring computer networks, IT assistants use a variety of hardware and software to complete tasks

• Standard office equipment – IT assistants have to know how to use standard office equipment such as printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners, and more

• Standard communications equipment – since part of their job involves communicating with colleagues and customers, IT assistants frequently use telephones, fax machines, emails, and more to communicate.


To ensure that their company’s computer network is running smoothly and efficiently, IT assistants perform an array of tasks. We analyzed several online job postings to identify these core duties and responsibilities.

Installing and Configuring:

• In the event that their company purchases a new computer network, it will be up to the IT assistant to install and configure that new network so that employees can begin using it as quickly as possible. Additionally, new computer networks will have to be configured to suit the company’s unique needs.

Setting Up Peripherals:

• Many peripherals have to be set up in order to complement the computer network. These can include things such as printers, keyboards, routers, modems, and smart devices. It is the IT assistant’s responsibility to set up those peripherals and ensure that they are both functional and secure.

Maintaining and Repairing:

• Even if a computer network and all its peripherals are set up flawlessly, issues will still arise on a daily basis. IT assistants have to check their company’s network for errors, repair malfunctioning peripherals and help colleagues troubleshoot problems.

Helping Customers:

• If their company’s computer network is used by customers outside of the company, IT assistants may be required to spend some of their time at a help desk answering calls and emails regarding technological problems.

Keeping Records:

• As part of their ongoing work, IT assistants are typically required to keep detailed records of their network’s configurations, peripheral specifications, problems and solutions, and more. These records help their company address issues more quickly in the future.

Last date to apply: September 06, 2019


Interested Candidates are requested to email us your detailed CV with a Cover Letter at


Only shortlisted candidates will be called for the further selection processes. Suitable candidates are highly encouraged to apply

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