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INGO Job – Medical Laboratory Technologist (623 views)

April 23, 2020


Organization: FHI 360

Position: Medical Laboratory Technologist

Job Location: Kathmandu

Under supervision of LINKAGES Nepal Lab Specialist and Chief Consultant Pathologist/HIV Unit Head, National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL), Medical Laboratory Technologist will be responsible for specimen collection, storage, processing, testing and recording of HIV viral load testing to help achieve fast track 90/90/90 goal as a part of ‘HIV Viral Load Scale Up Plan’. Medical laboratory technologist will be stationed at NPHL, Teku.

Key Responsibilities

• Participate in specimen collection, storage, processing, testing and recording of HIV Viral Load Test at NPHL
• Participate on Proficiency Testing Panel of HIV 1 Viral Load Test as External Quality Control Program for the respective tests
• Work in implementation of Dried Tube Specimen (DTS) for External Quality Assessment Scheme to replace DBS specimen currently in use
• Assists in preparing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
• Maintain Reagent inventory, Expiry log, temperature log etc for tests and instruments used within the unit as instructed by Head of Department (HOD)/In charge
• Assists in serological tests (Rapid, ELISA, ECLIA) as per need
• Participate in conducting regular Meetings, Workshops, Problem oriented discussions and other HIV and Hepatitis related laboratory activities
• Facilitate trainings concerned with HIV Infection and laboratory technologies for diagnosis and monitoring of HIV infection and Hepatitis conducted by NPHL or other organizations as per assigned by Director/HOD/Incharge to strengthen laboratory practice in peripheral service sites
• Participate and share idea to deliver quality and timely dissemination of services provided by HIV/Hepatitis Reference Laboratory
• Perform other related duties as assigned by Supervisor, Deputy Project Director and Country Representative
• Support LINKAGES Nepal for conducing training, supportive supervision and monitoring in consultation with and approval from Supervisor, HOD, In charge and Director

Minimum Requirements:

• Bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory technology or equivalent with minimum three years of relevant experience in laboratory diagnosis
• Experience in the field of HIV and AIDS related services preferred
• Proactive and independent approach to work with willingness to undertake additional responsibilities
• Ability to perform multiple tasks and work under pressure including extra hours
• Ability to work well with others and to develop and maintain positive working relationships
• Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
• Resourceful in resolving problems and initiating solutions

Last date to apply: May 1, 2020.


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