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October 10, 2018


Organization: Possible


Anesthesia Assistant

Possible is seeking Nepali Anesthesia Assistant for our Hospital hubs, our full-service community hospital located in Dolakha Districts. We are a leader in rural medical education, electronic medical record systems, and quality improvement.

Anesthesia Assistant will be responsible for providing pre, post anesthetic care to the patients, documentation of all the patient and hospital anesthetic care and anesthesia space management.

If you are Anesthesia-trained HA, an excellent team player, entrepreneurial and self-starting, have great management skills, take ownership of the job, and thrive in challenging environments, you are the best fit for the position. Possible welcomes you to apply for this opportunity to be part of an organization impacting hundreds of thousands of lives in rural Nepal.

The organization: Possible

Possible is a nonprofit healthcare company that delivers high-quality, low-cost healthcare to the world’s poor. We are pioneering a new approach, called durable healthcare that brings together the best of private, public, and philanthropic models. Since 2008, Possible has treated over 600,000 patients in rural Nepal through government hospitals, clinics, community health workers, and a referral network.

The opportunity: Are you the right fit?

Anesthesia Assistant who sees himself/herself as a key person to perform anesthesia in Charikot Hospital with utmost safety of the patients in cooperation with the consultant doctors, who have critical thinking to be able to describe the risk of comorbid conditions with particular anesthesia, who are entrepreneurial and self-starting, who have great management skills and are comfortable in collaborative environments, including working across teams, and who thrive in challenging environments are the good fit for the position. Most importantly, your orientation toward the work should match well with our operating values, captured by our For-Impact Culture Code.
Lastly, you’re a believer, not an employee. And you’re looking for an opportunity to use your time and energy to transform an early stage organization and impact hundreds of thousands of lives.

Must Haves:

1. Anesthesia assistant training; with HA background preferred.
2. At least one years of experience
3. Ability to work effectively in a team for the patient’s care
4. Knowledge and experience practicing evidence-based medicine
5. Passion for both learning and teaching

Areas of Responsibility:

The Big 3 Responsibilities of the Anesthesia Assistant are:

1. Provide pre, post and anesthetic care to the patients
2. Documentation of all the patient and hospital Anesthetic care
3. Anesthesia Space management

The details of these Big 3 Responsibilities are as follows:

1. Provide pre, post and anesthetic care to the patients

• Setting up the Operation Theatre.
• Recording the health history and develop, implement and monitor safe and effective pain management strategies.
• Select patient with pre-anesthetic care.
• Set an IV infusion
• Perform Laryngoscopy and Intubation
• Provide Spinal anesthesia
• Provide General anesthesia
• Provide Intravenous anesthesia
• provide post-operative care
• Perform bag and mask Ventilation
• Manage complications of anesthesia

2. Documentation of all the patient and hospital Anesthetic care

• Maintain record of all the anesthetic care to provide reference for future use of all the critical treatment.
• Maintain Anesthetic charts and records
• Maintain the record of use of anesthetic medicines and issue purchase requisite to the Store.

Anesthesia Space management

• Maintain the anesthesia space neat and clean
• Visualize the adequacy of the anesthesia services provided by the hospital and provide suggestions to the Medical Director for necessary change/ addition.

Location: 100% of time will be spent in Possible’s hospital hub at Charikot, Dolakha .


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