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Flutter Developer (933 views)


Company: Delta Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Position: Flutter Developer

Job Description

  • As a Flutter Developer, you will create multi-platform apps for iOS and Android using Google’s Flutter development framework.
  • The primary focus will be on creating new experiences and maintaining the acclaimed app.
  • You will additionally work on innovative new app projects as well as internally incubated ventures.
  • Deep experience contributing to and managing high-scale production mobile apps. You must have previous experience in Flutter development.

Professional Skill Required:

  • Min. 1 year working as a full-time professional developer (mobile) with at least 6 months experience in Flutter.
  • Experience building a moderately complex android app with knowledge of dart. Bonus if it’s on the play store or we can view the project.
  • Willing to work with cross-platform frameworks.
  • Willing to learn and work on different mobile platforms/ frameworks when needed.
  • Published at least one app on the play store using Flutter/ Native (Java/Kotlin/ Swift/ Object c)
  • Networking and integrating third-party APIs
  • Working with a version control system (i.e. Git)
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