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Functional Title: ARH System Strengthening & Governance Specialist

Responsibility Level / Grade: Province Level
Department / Project / PN: USAID ARH Project
Workstation: Janakpur / Surkhet
Incumbent’s Name: TBD
Supervisor/ Principal: Province Coordinator

USAID Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH), is an adolescent co-led initiative to empower girls and boys, 10-19 years and including the most marginalized, to attain their adolescent reproductive health (ARH) rights. The goal of the program is to support adolescents to reach their full potential by; ensuring they receive correct and appropriate reproductive health (RH) information and guidance to decision-making skills, creating an environment conducive to making healthy reproductive health decisions and facilitating translation of these decisions into healthy behaviors.
The ARH System Strengthening and Governance Specialist being under the direct supervision of provincial coordinator and technical guidance of Technical Advisor will be responsible for overall technical support of ARH system strengthening and governance related activities at province. Based in the province office in close coordination with provincial health directorate, brings systems strengthening and data expertise, directly supports provincial government to strengthen ARH services, and facilitates institutionalization and sustainability.

The employee shall fully comply with CARE policies and procedure and should be accountable for it.


R1. Program Implementation: (30%)

  • Support Provincial Coordinator to prepare annual or periodic plan of ARH system Strengthening and Governance related activities and support partners for the implementation of those activities in the field
  • Provide direction, leadership, and assessment of the project’s ARH & Governance system related component, including activities to support province and local government on strategic planning, resource allocation, budget execution and monitoring, human resource planning and management
  • Support local partners to scale up the social accountability tool: community health scoreboard at health facilities with the engagement of adolescent/ youth people and advocate with local and provincial government for the sustainable use of the tools for improved accountability system
  • Advocate with newly elected leaders to ensure that sufficient funding is allocated to key ARH issues and participation of adolescents in various public and private forums
  • Participate in provincial and municipal level annual reviews meetings and provide necessary technical inputs for better planning and implementation of ARH activities
  • Ensure accurate and timely submission of all required technical reporting and deliverables for the ARH Systems Strengthening and Governance component of the project
  • Support technical advisor (ARH system strengthening and Governance) or organize technical workshop, policy dialogue and meetings to contextualize adolescent health and development strategy and other program guideline at province
  • Engage with youth organizations/ club and private sectors to ensure their engagement in ARH activities in provinces and districts
  • Work with the team of social norms & BCC and support to develop ARH related IEC/BCC materials in the context of province and use them in the field

R2. Coordination and Liaison: (20%)

  • Coordinate with municipal and province government authorities for effective implementation of the project activities
  • Coordinate with CARE’s other projects, USAID funded projects and with other organizations at province, district and municipal level for resource leverage and synergy building
  • Coordinate with relevant institutions/forums to facilitate exchange of ideas; knowledge and experiences on research field and share /cross fertilize lessons learned and best practices through workshops/seminars, visits
  • Carry out and coordinate with field staff to plan/organize trainings events, review, and reflection meetings, FCHVs, HFOMC, youth groups, youth allies and private sector orientation and other project activities
  • Maintain relationship with province, municipalities, district government officers and other stakeholders

R3. Technical support and monitoring: (30%)

  • Support implementing partner agencies to collect data from field, compile and analyze them, share in project team, and provide feedback to field staff
  • Collect case studies, lessons learnt and challenges from project areas and use them in program planning
  • Monitor health services and training outcome/impact through follow-up visit with field office, provincial health directorate, health facilities, community people and other projects of CARE Nepal in the cluster/district
  • Conduct technical support visits to health facility, service providers, female community health volunteer, as guided by project document and guideline developed by government
  • Have regular field visits and provide technical inputs to HFOMC members, health workers and project front line workers about the process and use of CHSB and other tools of project
  • Analyze the technical support visits/supportive supervision and prepare reports of these findings for further use and dissemination

R4. Documentation, dissemination, and reporting: (20%)

  • Field visits to health facilities for ensuring quality recording and reporting of ARH activities.
  • Prepare reports and process documentation related to ARH activities, progress, and changes observed and disseminate the findings, and learning in relevant forums.
  • Prepare monthly updates, and periodic progress reports of system strengthening accordingly
  • Prepare process documentation, best practice, and other learning documents of projects
  • Support provincial and municipal health authorities for initiation and review of CHSB at project district. Analyze the progress of CHSB and share at province and local government

R5. Upholding CARE’s Core values and ensuring its principles

  • Link and demonstrate CARE Nepal’s core values, programming principles, strategic objects, gender equity and equality in programming and behavior
  • Comply and exercise organizational values and culture
  • Help to promote rights and good governance

Spending Authority: None

Working conditions:
Based in the province with extensive field visits.

Preferred Qualifications and experience:
Master’s degree in public health/nursing or masters in social sciences with strong health background with at least 5 years of experiences in RH/FP program, health system governance at national and sub-national level

Skills and knowledge:

  • Report writing skill along with basic analytical and formatting skills required to prepare a report.
  • Extensive experience and skills in using various governance and accountability tools.
  • Communication skills including strong verbal and written language skills in both English and Nepali.
  • Interpersonal and facilitation skills.
  • Strong coordination, networking, and advocacy skills.
  • Strong experiences working with provincial and local governance
  • Experience in various governance tools and programs use in health sectors
  • Computer skills, including knowledge of relevant software e.g., Microsoft office and others


  • Initiative – Deals with situations and issues proactively and persistently.
  • Teamwork and People Management – Able to work effectively with other people within a work group
  • Writing – Able to communicate ideas and information in writing to ensure that information and messages are understood and have the desired impact
  • Communicating and sharing ideas and information – Able to present findings/recommendation and express opinions confidently.
  • Planning and organizing – Able to define work goals and objectives; develop and execute work plans; and contribute to the achievement of work group objectives.

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